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Item Number NO. 823, 400, 1823
HINGE SIZE 1 NO.823-100mm X 76mm
Hole Pattern Imperial IMPERIAL / 10G/12G
Hole Pattern Metric METRIC/ M5
HINGE SIZE 2 NO.400-100mm X 76mm
HINGE SIZE 3 NO440-100mm X 102mm
HINGE SIZE 4 NO1823 (RH)-100mm X 76mm
HINGE SIZE 5 NO1823 (RH)-100mm X 76mm
HINGE SIZE 6 NO.400RBH (RH)- 100mm X 76mm
HINGE SIZE 7 NO.400RBH (LH)- 100mm X 76mm
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Available Sizes in mm :
100mm X 76mm
Available Finish